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"Neil! You're so BORING!"

The Young Ones


for the perpetuation of boredom and criminally bad web design
Me on my passport
REWARD: Global Peace and Harmony

who wants to know?

insane, a poet, a genius? No, none of them.

Anzir Boodoo, the proprietor of a fairly average looking virtual café and its derivative establishments.

Not good enough? Based in the UK and known for usually writing about himself in the third person... most of his interests are represented somewhere on this site.

transcient being

Managing Director of transcience, an independent research and consultancy company specialising in transport and the urban environment, and bramley apple, supporting your business, whether on Mac or PC.

transcience is interested in things of various types, mostly the integration of built form and transport systems, policy and also product design and market research survey design.

Previously a researcher at Loughborough University and a transport consultant, currently Membership Officer (North East) and Policy Officer (W & N Yorkshire) for the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (UK).

Anzir is also a member of the Urban Morphology Research Group at The University of Birmingham

coffee, chocolate, fish and apples

...the stuff of life! The café in tradition is synonymous with culture and learning (it says here), our café sites include
Other cafés of repute are
Fans of fish may enjoy five kilograms of randomness

Fans of Apples might like bramley apple

Did I forget chocolate? Anzir is the inventor of chocolate tram

Anzir demonstrates chocolate tram Anzir demonstrates chocolate tram, left (Hilary Crowther)

balanced reporting

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