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Schrodinger and Einstein's homepage

      Schrodinger and Einstein are two virtual cats who live at cafe ABsite and sometimes frequent the ARC coffeehouse, lured by an abundance of cream and well cooked burgers.

      Unfortunately, there aren't any pictures of them about. Anyway, here's a little by way of introduction to both of them...

      Schrodinger is named after the famous physicist who, as part of a thought experiment on the ability of quantum particles to be in two states at once, put his cat in a box with a gun triggered by a geiger counter monitoring a single decaying Uranium atom. Schrodinger takes after this, being a somewhat unpredictable character, his tame look, sparkling green eyes and soft black fur hide a mischevious mind fascinated by long skirts. Be careful not to annoy him, as he does bite (with alarming regularity). But we all love him really.

      Einstein, however, is much more docile. Named after the long suffering and often ignored Mileva Einstein, physicist wife of the famous Albert Einstein, she has a tendency to be a much more strokeable lump of ginger fur. Usually shy, she can be tempted to come out of hiding with a few sardines and a saucer of steamed milk.

      Smith has also made a brief appearance round here, and is quickly gaining fame and popularity on Usenet.

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