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    Welcome to Network SoreFeet

      Britain's new railway demands more...
        Network SoreFeet is well placed to meet these demands. After the breakup of British Rail, the network has evolved a new customer focused philosophy. In our vision for the future of the railways, our customers are a key element in service provision and the trains themselves have secondary importance. In fact many of our services no longer involve trains at all, allowing customers to provide the complete journey experience for themselves, which lets Network SoreFeet adopt a more consultative role in the transport process.

    Proving our dedication to the customer... Network SoreFeet presents the Flying Pig, promising faster and more frequent journeys in better comfort. New technologies such as airline seating enable us to serve more customers in the same space and pass the benefits directly to our shareholders.

     Reliability of service is something customers rightly expect. Network SoreFeet's innovative approach has led to guaranteed frequencies of service on many routes, where we can assure that there are no trains to break down and hamper your journey.

     The future of public transport depends on providing a level of service the customer will tolerate, while maximising profit opportunity. We believe Network SoreFeet has the resources and dedication to make it possible.

     Network SoreFeet - leading the transport revolution 

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