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She has her weapon and she knows how to use it
She's worked her plan out, she'll let nothing stand in her way
She is preparing for the time of her choosing
When she takes action she is certain she'll have her way

She lusts for power and the thrill of a conquest
She craves excitement and the chance to show what she's got
She's tracked her quarry through the streets and the forest
And she is waiting with her target framed for the shot

He was oblivious to what she was plotting
And when she hit him he was thrown down into her lap
Her eyes were blazing with the lust to disgrace him
She pushed him to the ground all breathless, laid on his back

She sits upon him with her skirt draping over
Kissing him quiet to appease his wanting to scream
She holds his arms to stop his struggles against her
And sways her hips to call him helplessly to her scheme

He's laying scared yet can't help feeling excited
She drags him over to the the place she wants him to be
Her stroking calms him down but is not invited
She kicks his leg to cease his trying to wriggle free

Her hand is on his neck and pressing him gently
And she undresses him to see what he has to show
She wants to feel him in such gorgeous contentment
Then leave him broken with a pain that only he knows

She takes her pleasure in abuse of his body
She feels the power to do anything that she wants
All she desires for this moment embodied
In how she has him as what she wants him to become

His body racing with delight and excitement
To be within her, overcome by passionate moves
Yet he is broken and in terrible torment
As she still pounds him and surrounds him, he cannot move

She gasps, enraptured in the way that she takes him
Collapsing breathless satsified she got what she'd liked
She kissed his lips then to possess and to taunt him
And rose to leave him, disappearing into the night

© A.Boodoo 23-Feb-03