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Between her breath and her bite I am captured
Between the pleasure and pain there is nowhere to hide
She has me bound and enraged and enraptured
As she will take me and break me then cast me aside

She takes my hand, takes my heart, makes me need her
She knows the way that she'll play, I'm a toy in her hands
Then I am led, I am laid in her cradle
And now I'm tied for tonight to her devious plans

She moves away, makes me beg for her near me
I'm pushed aside and denied of the warmth that she brings
She disappears, makes me fear that she'll leave me
She makes me see that I'm weak in my need for this thing

She has a dream of a scheme to destroy me
So I've no force and no cause to step out of her line
She may not quit till my spirit is broken
And she lays claim on my brain and possesses my mind

So I await as my fate is decided
Am I enslaved till the grave to her fickle desires?
Yet I believe, still repeat that I love her
And all I crave is to stay where I'll be by her side

© A.Boodoo 30-Nov-02