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I love the way

I love how you look when you want me to hold you
The smile that you make when I'm clenching your hand
I love how you turn as I come up towards you
The tumbling of hair as you take off your band

I love that quick glance that says "Oh, I adore you"
Tour pupils dilate as your eyes open wide
I love how you bring me up tightly towards you
Your hands soft and warm holding mine by your side

I love how your vertebrae feel on my fingers
And how you hold on as I draw to your face
I love how your kisses seem always to linger
And just how it feels to be in your embrace

I love how you sigh as I softly caress you
Your anticipation of what lays ahead
I love how you tremble as my breath upon you
Your wide eyed excitement as I lay you to bed

I love how your flesh yields to pressure of kisses
The feel of your breasts in the palms of of my hands
I love how your hair lies in untidy tresses
The way that you pull me up close as you can

I love how you touch with the heat of your fingers
Your intoxication of me with your scent
I love this proximity making me tingle
Your soft whispered words ensure me you're content

I love how your presence makes all else forgotten
And how you call me when I'm right next to you
I love your kiss softer than satin or cotton
As you turn away, one more wish rendered true

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© A.Boodoo, 11-Nov-98