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The losers' club

This is where we gather to pass by the days
We'd otherwise waste in some sad pointless way
Here's where we have ended as if by default
All sharing in something we rather we'd not

Our lives are collections of things we don't want
Of wonderful failures and what we had once
And our only purpose is counting our loss
And finding a reason for giving a toss

There's nothing to live for or keep us afloat
And nothing to die for, no cause and no hope
So we are between in the land of the lost
Who stay by the wayside just gathering moss

And why should you bother and why should you care
For some stupid noone with nothing to share
So we stick together, these numbers our strength
To keep us alive in the time we have left

So come to the losers' club if you have nothing
And we'll be beside you, accept what you are
Bear anger or sorrow, regret, pain or longing
If you've nothing more than your wounds and your scars

© A.Boodoo 05-Aug-02