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Phase 2 overview

There were five main project aims (listed in the phase 1 report) and these were: The five people within the Emissions and Transport theme group contributed to the overall research theme by contributing to one or more of the specific aims.  The titles of the original five projects as described in the Phase I report (figure 1) are listed below.

Project 1.  The influence of micrometeorological factors on air quality within urban street canyons. (Andrew Jackson)
Project 2.  Investigating the degree of rationality in the decision to use a car as a method of transport. (Mike Palmer)
Project 3.  An investigation of socio-economic factors affecting mode choice. (Chris Bates)
Project 4.  An evaluation of a quota system to decrease the use of cars in Leeds. (Charlotte Craig).
Project 5.  Developing the local rail network in West Yorkshire. (Anzir Boodoo).

During the early part of phase II both projects 3 and 5 changed their focus slightly.  The revised project titles are:

3. An evaluation of public attitudes towards traffic calming
5. An analysis on the demand for rail travel to out of town shopping centres.

Project 1 began the process by analysing air quality on a congested urban radial within the suburb of Headingley, Leeds.  From this project 2 investigated the rational behind different types of car journeys and what incentives it would take to make the public use alternative forms of transport including both push and pull factors.  Projects 3 to 5 analysed the effectiveness of several options for reducing congestion (and improving the air quality in the Headingly area) by promoting modal change away from the car.  Project 1 was to finish the process with an evaluation of several traffic reduction scenarios on air quality within the Headingley street area.

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