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This is a preview of the new project40 site. Not all links and sections are functional.

About the project

      project40 - the project for transport is designed to bring transport information for the UK across in an accessible and easy to use way. The project makes use of the growing number of transport resources on the internet and allows journeys to be planned using a variety of transport modes.

      Since the launch of the National Public Transport Information site the need for a list of useful resources set out so as to enable easy journey planning has become more important. project40 draws upon this and other sites but selecting only those which contain genuinely useful information. And as the need for integration between transport modes has become clearer through the Integrated Transport White Paper this site aims to cover all modes, including the private car.

Further notes

      This site is designed so that information can be obtained without the use of frames. This is to enable palmtop computers (with their smaller screens) to be used for journey planning on the move. However, many of the individual sites linked to from here contain frames.

      A further note is necessary for cyclists. As there is currently no major online resource on cycle paths, please use the road journey planner.

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