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      Railway Lines is a site dedicated to railway poems. The power, the beauty, the sense of movement can all be found at a railway station near you, so... what's the point?

      The railway appeals to me personally, but some way beyond merely a mode of travel. Britain's railways are perhaps the best way to see the country, where you can experience some of our most beautiful countryside, see landscapes unchanged for up to 150 years, as well as the variety of many of our towns and cities. It's also said that people watching is our favourite activity, and you can see and even talk to a lot of people while travelling on trains and waiting at stations.

      Anyway, this site aims to collect railway poetry on the web, subject to copyright considerations. Please email either poems, or if your poems are already online (or you've found something you like online), the URL (web address) of the pages so I can link to them.

      The only poetry anthology dedicated to railway poems that I've seen so far is Marigolds grow wild on platforms edited by Peggy Poole (Amazon entry), which is worth a look if you're interested in this kind of thing. If you're interested in the railway generally, the day we caught the train contains research and links to various railway resources.

      Enjoy your journey - poem index, connections

please note, this site has not been updated between October 1998 and June 2006. Some of the poems originally on here seem to have disappeared...
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