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Naqshbandi Sufi circles

Sufism is a spiritual path in which love is the means of progress.

Experience the spiritual meditation of the mystical east, taste the Sufi intoxication of love in the circle of remembrance..

"O heart, sit with someone who knows the heart. Go under the tree which has fresh blossoms." Jalaluddin Rumi

Offering tranquility and answers for your soul, sit with the Sufi sheikh who has permission to guide followers to the love of God and to reach their spiritual stations.
Every person is a unique representative of the divine. The Sufis say, "If human beings knew their own secrets, never would they look elsewhere for seeking happiness, peace and inner light."

All are welcome to our meditation circles in various locations around the UK, or to make contact with other circles around the world. For more details on sufism and meditation, please contact Hassen on (01344) 57496 or (07930) 462477 or just turn up to a meditation circle.

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