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     The computer that would not die! Although the Amiga has had a difficult 10 years, the spirit lives on and hardcore Amiga fans are still using their old machines. Amigas are now available with modern motherboards and PowerPC G3 and G4 processors like those found in Macs. Amiga OS 4 is now available, as are the new AmigaOne systems.

     Amiga people have been busy building a system to provide the advantages of modern operating systems. For more information see some of these links

My system

      My Amiga system is based around an A1200, with 34Mb of RAM, 1Gb hard disk, CD-ROM drive and an SVGA monitor. It's powered by an Apollo board with a 50MHz 68060 processor, and runs AmigaOS 3.5.

      It's primarily used for word processing using Final Writer 97 by SoftWood. My other use is the Internet, using Voyager for web browsing and YAM for email.

      I have been using Amiga computers since 1991 and find them more reliable and friendlier than PCs. That's not to say I don't use PCs, but working on the Amiga is far more satisfying. In late 2002, it suffered a hard disk failure, and was replaced for day to day use by an iMac G4, and in 2005 by a 12" PowerBook... Despite the hard disk failure, it is now again in a usable condition with the original hard disk, demonstrating the Amiga's outstanding self repair capabibilites when it comes to its disks.

      Although I like my Mac (see bramley apple), and MacOS X is a fantastic operating system, it is incredibly complex "under the bonnet". The Amiga, on the other hand, is a simpler system and easier to tinker with, much like old cars being easier to fix than new ones with their array of complex systems.

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