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Anzir has a sense of identity that ranks among the mad geniuses of our time. Careful to maintain a respectable appearance, he is a reserved yet friendly sort of person. He seems to have an opinion on everything, which he expresses in an encyclopaedic manner.

Adam Ajina, St. Paul's School (London) yearbook, 1996

Anzir was one of the first people I met at St. Paul's and almost immediately I was struck by his down to earth approach. He is very kind and generous, always willing to help other people, putting them first. He has numerous interests:- computers, all things geographical and following Reading FC. Knowing his passion for Geography, he will do well in the area and achieve success.

Saleem Arif, , St. Paul's School (London) yearbook, 1996

I think Anzir is handsome. I would go out with him if he was my age and lived nearby.
Ondrea Walmsley, from ARC, 1999

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