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The analysis of workplace parking charges and their effects on business decisions with respect to reducing traffic levels

Charlotte Craig



The objective of this research was to assess whether charging for workplace parking is a feasible policy for reducing traffic levels and encouraging modal change.  Specifically the proposed method for implementing this policy was the use of a bidding system to determine the charge structure required in order to reduce the number of parking places by quantifiable amounts.  In such a system, companies state the price that they would be willing to pay to keep 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% of their parking places. The intended effect of the charging system would be that parking places would be decommissioned by firms who were unwilling to pay the associated charge and/ or there would be an increased cost of driving to work through companies passing on the charges of retained parking places.

The data was collected using a questionnaires sent to 267 businesses in Leeds and achieved a 13.6% response rate.